space networking mastermind

We are proud to announce our collaboration with AstroAgency to bring you the second round of the mastermind!

If you’re interested in space – and you don’t need to be studying STEM subjects – make sure to take a look!

You can apply and find some useful information below:

How long is the mastermind? When and how often will we meet? How long will we meet for?

The mastermind will run for 7 weeks with one session every week. The sessions will be around 1 hour each, and will happen at 7pm BST on a Sunday. The first session is on Sunday 20th September.

How will we meet? How will meetings be structured?

We will use Zoom for video calls and have a Discord channel set up for messaging. 

Each session will be broken in to 3 sections:

  1. A space networking skills workshop presented by AstroAgency.
  2. A presentation from a space professional, with the opportunity for Q&A.
  3. A peer-to-peer mentoring session.

Why should I join the mastermind?

  • It gives you the skills and confidence to begin reaching out to professionals in industry for guidance, mentorship and opportunities.
  • It demonstrates that a career in space doesn’t just have to be STEM related… in fact, it could be anything from law to marketing to education!
  • It allows you to join a community of young space enthusiasts who will be the space sector leaders in a few years time.

To sign up, just fill out the form below!