About us

We are a bi-directional, multi-service link between the aerospace industry and all levels of education.

We provide an all-in-one location for 15-18 year olds to find:

  • Inspiration – take a look at our podcast to find interviews with those in industry to give insights into their route in and what they actually do now.
  • Education – helping you to decide on your next steps. Whether you’re deciding between A-Levels and an apprenticeship or trying to choose a degree, we have something for you. 
  • Connection – providing a means of communication between students and the industry. We know it can be challenging trying to reach out to professionals so why not let us help you take the leap?

Jamie Robb

Founder and CEO

I’m Jamie – a Year 13 student studying for A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Physics. On completion of my exams I’d like to study Aerospace Engineering at university.

When I realised the lack of targeted information on the aerospace industry I decided to make a change. 

Aerospace For All shares the valuable knowledge I have gained from insightful conversations with aerospace professionals with everyone on the internet.

emma headshot

Emma Holling


I’m a year 12 student studying the same subjects as Jamie but with the addition of geography! My hope is to study engineering at university and then proceed to a career in space exploration.

By helping to improve access to the space industry I hope to encourage all students to follow their dreams, and help people to realise that the space industry isn’t just for the elite few.

My accomplishments include an email from Andy Weir; building a duct tape boat; and producing an evening with Vermin Supreme (a leading joke candidate in the US).